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86 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I DECEMBER 2021 Article by Pete Starkey I-CONNECT007 In the third of a series of three RealTime with... interviews, I-Connect007 managing editor Nolan Johnson received knowledgeable and informative answers from Anaya Vardya, John Bushie, and Dave Lackey of American Standard Circuits to his questions on the topic of thermal management. Anaya Vardya began by clarifying the ter- minology, describing thermal conductivity as a material property defining how quickly heat was transmitted through a piece of that material, whereas thermal management was about analysing the entire system, trying to understand how much heat was being gen- erated, and using appropriate techniques to dissipate that heat as efficiently as possible. On printed circuit boards, straightforward solutions like thermal vias and heavy cop- per weights could be used for dispersing heat from packages. He invited Dave Lackey and John Bushie to discuss some of the more eso- teric techniques. Johnson asked Lackey to explain the dif- ference between insulated metal substrates and metal-clad PCBs. ere was basically none; both design structures involved bond- ing the PCB to some sort of metal substrate. A simple example was a single-sided circuit board bonded to an aluminium plate with a thermally conductive adhesive material, such as was commonly used to dissipate heat from LEDs. For additional capability, a double- sided PCB with plated through-holes could be used, fabricated on a substrate of FR-4 or thermally conductive laminate, and bonded to an aluminium plate with thermally conductive prepreg. Another option was to bond circuits on both sides of a metal core, usually aluminium or cop- per. e two circuits could operate indepen- dently or be interconnected by plated-through- holes drilled through insulating plugs in the metal core. Lackey discussed several alternative metal-backed and metal-core alternatives. Johnson was interested to learn whether multiple functions could be achieved. Bushie picked up this query. In general, with higher RealTime with... American Standard Circuits: Thermal Management

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