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112 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2022 The first thing to consider in our world of PCB design is just how much data there is that needs to be managed. From a casual overview it may not seem that extensive, but let's break the average design down into its four separate pieces. This gives us the schematic, circuit simulation, PCB layout, and analy- sis, and that is just a generalization. Designs often have more pieces than that in them, especially when you consider the depth of system level design. The growing popu- larity of wide band- gap semiconduc- tors, such as gallium nitride and silicon carbide has enabled components to achieve higher operating temperatures and power outputs than silicon-based technology. However, this has not eliminated the need for careful ther- mal management to evenly distribute the heat generated to avoid the formation of danger- ous hot spots and to minimize power losses. Track welding is what some factories may opt for if they find an open circuit. The tech- nique is to attach/stick/weld a thin piece of copper across the broken track. Sounds okay, right? But how reliable is the repair? And how does IPC cover this subject? TOP TEN Tim's Takeaways: Say 'No' to File Hoarding: Data Management Tips Beyond Design: The Impact of Filled Vias on Thermal and Signal Integrity Nexar, SnapEDA Announce Partnership to Increase CAD Model Library Collections in PCB Design Workflows Nexar, a business unit of Altium LLC announced that SnapEDA has joined Nexar's growing ecosystem of electronics innovators. As a Nexar partner, SnapEDA will make available their library of computer- aided design (CAD) models to enhance printed circuit board (PCB) design and innovation. EDITOR'S PICKS Fresh PCB Concepts: Recommendations for Track Welding and Open Circuit Repair

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