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REAL TIME WITH... IPC APEX EXPO 2022 SHOW & TELL MAGAZINE I I-CONNECT007 109 are much larger than they may have imagined before attending the IPC APEX EXPO event. When asked about their career paths, here are some of their responses: • I want to be film director • I'm looking for nursing • Marine biology • A career in the film industry • Probably a STEM field • Owning a business, having my own business • I don't know, but something in the music industry hopefully • Apprenticeship, electrician During the event we also interviewed one of the teachers who brought her students to this event and past events. She expressed her desire to continue bringing students to the event because it broadens their horizons and demon- strates new opportunities. Barry Matties: Hello, nice to meet you. You're the teacher of these students? Melissa Woods: I'm the internship and work- force development coordinator at e3 Civic High, a charter school here in San Diego. Matties: Is this your first year here at the STEM event? Woods: Actually, this is my third year, if I'm not mistaken, coming here. I usually bring just a small group of kids. But all the time when I bring kids, they love it. And they come back and say, "Oh, okay, I might consider this." And I believe, of the three years, I've only brought maybe 15 kids each year. But of that group, we've had a couple actually go ahead into this career path. Matties: e students who continued their path, are you still in contact or are you aware of where they're headed in their careers? Woods: I'm not still in contact with them. I just know that when they graduated, they said that this is what they're going to be pursuing. Matties: And why is your school taking part in this program? Woods: We want to make sure that we give our kids opportunities to see different paths, ones that they may not be aware of so they can make informed decisions on their future. Matties: at's excellent. We need more of that, don't we? Woods: Yes. Matties: Good. Well, congratulations and thank you for being here. We really appreciate and welcome you. Woods: ank you so much. I appreciate the opportunity to come and bring students. In the end, the event is very important to the future of our industry. We certainly appreciate all the efforts of the IPC and the volunteers to make this possible. S&T Melissa Woods

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