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164 I-CONNECT007 I REAL TIME WITH... IPC APEX EXPO 2022 SHOW & TELL MAGAZINE By Elmatica's Team PCB Norsemen How wonderful it was to meet in real 3D, face to face. e brilliant IPC marketing team had solved any awkward situations that might occur when a hugger meets an air high-fiver, by creating the rubber wrist bands in different colors, depending on your status: Okay with hugs and high fives, reserved, or please keep your distance. It was just brilliant. For us, the feeling of boarding a long-distance airplane made us feel like teenagers again; we had butterflies in our stomachs, and excitement aer months of preparations for the speeches and task group meetings. We were more than ready to take off. Let the Calves Loose We arrived in San Diego and headed straight for committee meetings, followed by a well- deserved margarita. At the International Reception we felt like calves being let loose from winter isolation—hugging, handshak- ing, elbow-greeting, or nodding a hello. e enthusiasm among the participants was amaz- ing. Digital events are cool, but nothing beats meeting in real life. Elmatica senior technical advisor Jan Peder- sen was a speaker at the Technical Conference, compiling an introduction to UHDI, followed up by Averatek DFM and AKM Meadville comparisons of subtractive and additive manu- facturing methods. e next day, the topic was discussed in the D-33AP standards committee with a market report of UHDI PCB, or sub- strate-like PCBs, with a forecast through 2028. Are Sampling Frequencies Outdated? Let's rewind a bit first to November 2021. In a meeting in the European Standards Steering Committee, Jan explained the problem with IPC Class 3 requirements. Almost all suppliers From Ultra HDI and Compliance to the Resurrection of a Baywatch Star

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