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APRIL 2022 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 65 provide value quickly and remotely, making a solution anywhere and everywhere. Without this type of unified data, manufac- turers are blocked from tapping into insights that improve the key performance metrics. Unlocking this path allows manufacturers to begin the process of organizational improve- ment in perpetuity. Once started, one manu- facturer may immediately undertake solving problems surfaced by insights into attrition rates. Another manufacturer will focus initially on machine-to-machine correlation as they try to solve a quality issue. Some will undertake multiple use cases simultaneously. All of them have matured operational visibility to where new use cases are being uncovered indefinitely. Clear and open views of machine performance expose the real situation and allow manufac- turers to take an entirely new approach to asset management. For those who are on this path, the question is no longer "buy new or make do." It is, in fact, both. Increasing the value of existing assets is a commanding competitive advantage. ose who do so find themselves positioned to meet increased demand as well as buying new machines to keep up with new demand. Best of all, they've unlocked new best practices in managing both new and existing assets and will continue to grow their organization in the light of that knowledge. SMT007 Jennifer Davis is head of marketing and communica- tions at Arch Systems.

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