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72 SMT007 MAGAZINE I APRIL 2022 importantly, we used feeder racks and mini- mized lost time due to 'shopping' for compo- nents. By communicating the importance of uptime with the team, they made improve- ments on their own as well." John couldn't wait to speak, adding, "But what the team did for lunch was amazing." "My granddaughter's okay boyfriend chimes in. Tell us more." Grandpa Benson said. Aer a few more chuckles from all, John said, "e team worked out a way to avoid shutting the lines down over lunch. It brought uptime to 45%." "Maggie, I know you were really the driv- ing force behind all of this, so you should say something," Grandma Benson said. "Well, it was a team effort, and Professor Patty Coleman was our coach, but we have neglected to say how important the people at both Benson and Ivy Benson were. Aer we shared the goals, they all chipped in. To recog- nize their efforts, we were able to increase sal- aries significantly. e productivity improve- ments and team efforts also increased morale," Maggie elaborated. "I understand that some of the people were anxious when you took over," Grandma Ben- son replied. "e folks were nervous, but we put them at ease by announcing there would be no layoffs, and that we would actually be hiring," Mag- gie said. "We also explained that we would be establishing training and education programs." "Don't forget everyone also got a raise," John added. "John is right," Maggie said. "We gave every- one a 10% raise the first day and several other raises as productivity increased." "All of those raises were kind of gutsy," said Grandpa Benson. "Yes, a little," Maggie responded. "But I remember that when I was a little girl you told me, 'Maggie, if you take care of the people, they will take care of you.' You were right, as our profits have exploded." More pleasant conversation continued. Meanwhile in the Ivy Benson Electronics breakroom… Twenty-year-old Andy Connors and 19-year- old Sue March have become a little more than friends. Let's look in on them in the breakroom at Ivy Benson Electron- ics (Figure 1). "How'd you do on the SMT test Chuck Tower gave us?" Sue asked. "I used the wisdom of one of my friends who works up at Ben- son Electronics, 'Better to not take the test and be thought a fool, than to take it and remove all doubt,'" Andy answered with a chuckle. "Chuck told me I didn't do too bad," Sue said. "I was more than 10 points above the average, but I was Figure 1: Illustration of Andy and Sue in the breakroom at Ivy Benson, discussing the SMT test.

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