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40 SMT007 MAGAZINE I JUNE 2022 As supply chain issues and chip shortages continue plaguing the world, companies are still struggling to get SMT components. A variety of solutions have risen to combat these struggles. e main methods being used are preservation of existing parts, reworking of PCBs, reclaiming of placed parts, and—if sur- face-mount technology isn't enough—turning to through-hole technology to fill the gaps. Secure SMT Production With Counters, Dry Boxes, and Rework Machines Preservation of existing parts, as well as reuse and reclamation of placed boards, are all critical elements of getting through the short- age. Keep precise count of components, keep them protected from moisture, and be ready to rework when necessary to retain the num- ber of parts you have with the right equipment. Here are the top three equipment categories for achieving these goals. Preserve • Component counters: Having accurate counts of your components ensures con- trol over inventory, which means manage- ment is aware when specific parts are run- ning low (so they can order ahead of time and prepare for wait times appropriately) and can catch shrinkage through misuse, the, or waste of SMD parts. • Dry boxes: It is crucial to keep compo- nents safe from moisture damage, espe- cially in this time of short supply. Ensure the parts you have are usable by storing them safely in dry boxes and using baking dry boxes to restore affected moisture-sen- sitive devices. Resourceful Solutions During Nationwide Shortages The Mannifest by Emmalee Gagnon, MANNCORP

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