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44 SMT007 MAGAZINE I AUGUST 2022 Feature Article by Chintan Sutaria CALCUQUOTE Recently, the 200-plus companies that use our soware to power their digital supply chain processes have been, half-jokingly, pon- dering the same line during period customer success meetings: "If only CalcuQuote could create parts out of thin air." It was asked oen enough that we made it into our April Fool's Joke of 2022 1 . Since our inception in 2014, we have been solving supply chain challenges. Before it became a running joke of creating parts from thin air, we saw the data signaled trouble ahead. e data showed that component shortages would increasingly worsen until the flow of materials became unreliable, so we decided to devote a significant amount of our resources to solving this very serious issue. I've put together a framework that can be applied to supply chain disruptions and which demonstrates how a more digitally connected supply chain can help. The Framework ere are four stages of supply chain disrup- tion. As disruptions become more prolonged, they require different solutions. A Framework for Managing Supply Chain Disruption Figure 1: It's useful to recognize the stages of a supply chain disruption.

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