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8 SMT007 MAGAZINE I AUGUST 2022 Nolan's Notes by Nolan Johnson, I-CONNECT007 Supply 'Pain' Management We're all feeling the discomfort, aren't we? ings are getting squeezed and stretched. While the correct amount of that "some- thing" is hard to put your finger on, there's stress in the PCB manufacturing and assem- bly process. It reminds me of coming home from the hos- pital with my first born. He was 28 days early, and naturally, his early arrival threw off all our birth preparations. For example, we attended the last session of our Lamaze class with a newborn in a baby carrier. Never have I seen sharper, dagger-eyed stares than from that class full of moms-to-be. ere were other disruptions, of course. e grueling labor pro- cess took the better part of three days. And because our son came a month early, we had to adapt, and quickly. We weren't fully stocked up on baby items, so we sent his pro- spective grandmas to the store with a list and a credit card to fill in the gaps. at takes some trust, doesn't it? At times, they had to get creative. Once home, our newborn needed some spe- cial care. While he didn't need intensive care in the hospital, understandably he showed symp- toms of a slow start-up to his digestive system. You can imagine the learning curve as we cared for our precious son. is affected my work, too. I had been timing most of my projects to con- clude just before the due date. Rookie mistake. ese projects were in the critical wrap-up phase when our son arrived. But with this new priority, those projects were rescheduled and given new deadlines. Of course, it affected the baby's mother immensely: physically, emotionally, and even socially. Mak- ing these quick adaptations were stressors for all of us. e changes

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