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76 SMT007 MAGAZINE I AUGUST 2022 Wiwynn Corporation, a Taiwan-based innovative cloud IT infrastructure provider for hyperscale data centres, officially commenced its Phase II development on a server PCBA plant for cloud data centers. A key to the success of the Roman empire was its extended roadway system. Designed by planners called mensors, and executed by Roman legions, they were transnational, con- necting the then-known world across culture and region. Knowing the amount of wealth they carried, the roads were frequented by bandits and criminals. Today's internet is the modern version of the Via Publicae. Aerospace is a pillar of the economy and of innovation in Canada. It is one of the most research-intensive and export-focused manufacturing industries, employing thousands of highly qualified people in every region across the country. Wiwynn Kickstarts Phase II Server Plant in Johor, Malaysia The Big Picture: The Virtual Via Drum There has long been a battle between environmental groups and the mining industry, the former pushing for clean energy and net zero carbon initiatives while the latter is buried deeper and deeper under overly burdensome permitting processes and relentless lawsuits that halt exploration, construction, and clean production of critical minerals. FedDev Ontario Invests Over $7M for FTG Green Operations TOP TEN EDITOR'S PICKS Clean Energy and Critical Minerals: The Dichotomy and Divergence

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