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4 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I AUGUST 2022 FEATURE COLUMNS PCB Design Strategies to Reduce Costs by Barry Olney Design Tips for Inflationary Times by John Watson Benefits of High-Performance Hybrid Multilayer PCBs by John Coonrod Practical Packaging Density in PCB Design by Kelly Dack FEATURE INTERVIEWS & ARTICLES Material Conservation Demands Stakeholder Buy-in with Happy Holden Happy's Design Tips for Material Conservation sidebar by Happy Holden Design Tips for Lowering Fab and Assembly Costs by Cherie Litson Material Conservation: The PCB Designers's Role with Alun Morgan Design for Material Conservation Means Changing Attitudes with Dana Korf AUGUST 2022 • FEATURE CONTENTS We're seeing all sorts of interesting tactics for dealing with 50-week lead times. One of the most basic concepts that we've heard about lately is material conservation—why not just design PCBs with fewer parts? As we point out in this issue, sometimes less is more. Our experts share a variety of strategies and technologies to help reduce your overall material consumption, allowing you to lower costs and add competitive advantage. Less Is More 20 42 48 64 10 18 26 32 38

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