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56 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I AUGUST 2022 One World, One Industry: Opening New Opportunities in Mexico E IPC and WHMA have long supported the elec- tronics assembly and wire harness manufactur- ing industries in Mexico, but recent regional growth coupled with supply chain disruptions necessitated a closer relationship. IPC: Over 100 Industry Executives Urge U.S. Congress to Strengthen Electronics Supply Chain E More than 100 top executives representing companies in the U.S. electronics manufactur- ing industry are urging the U.S. Congress to address critical shortcomings in the printed circuit board industry and the entire U.S. elec- tronics supply chain. The New Chapter: My Interview With Happy Holden E is past year, I set up several informational interviews with individuals across the indus- try. I saw this as an avenue to both enhance my own career and provide insight for my peers. To that end, I had the incredible honor of interviewing Happy Holden, the father of HDI PCBs. His insight into what it takes to be an excellent engineer and grow exponentially in this industry is unrivaled. The Plating Forum: Plating in Electronic Applications E Plating is the deposition of a metal layer on a substrate in order to modify its properties. It occurs when the metal ion in an aqueous solu- tion is reduced to the metal: M+ metal ion + e- reducing electron = M0 deposited metal. Testing Todd: ET and the DoD E Building printed circuits can be a tricky busi- ness. ere are many attributes that go into the production process. Initially, there is the sales interface with the customer, and the receipt of the data for the initial quotation. en there is the procurement process for raw materials. is month, let's dive into the DoD and how this affects electrical test. Ventec Meets Demand for Taiyo LPI Solder Mask Products in Europe E Following Ventec's announcement of its exclu- sive distribution agreement with Taiyo, cus- tomers in mainland Europe and the UK are now guaranteed reliable, immediate, and flex- ible access to the full color range of Taiyo Liq- uid Photoimageable (LPI) Solder Mask inks. Happy's Tech Talk #9: Radars, Missiles, and the World's Costliest Computer E Let's have a little fun and walk back nearly 70 years into the history of electronics and com- puters. What was the world's costliest computer and why? e answer is not today's supercom- puters, nor computers built during World War II. Instead, it lies in a real-time air defense radar system built during the height of the Cold War of the 1950s that had le the U.S. extremely vul- nerable to a Soviet bomber attack. Additive Reality: Drop It, and Enjoy the Greenback E e columns so far have brought up the tech- nical aspects of inkjet solder mask and made readers more familiar with this technology. is last column instead will show how the technical aspects match the commercial ones.

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