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84 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I AUGUST 2022 The "left shift" concept has been under way for at least five years, as EDA tool providers offer more powerful functionality earlier in the stages of PCB design and layout. This month, we focus on one tool that's been shifting leftward for some time now: the field solver. Even though we hear the terms artificial intel- ligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) almost daily, there's still a lot of confusion about the actual meaning of these designations. In this interview with Arjun Bangre, direc- tor of product for high-speed interface IPs for PCI Express and CXL at Rambus, the discussion revolves around new developments in CXL, PCI Express, and interoperable IP solutions that Rambus has developed. Copper foils used in the PCB industry are decep- tively complex. Copper is an excellent electrical and thermal conductor, which makes copper foil ideal for the conductive layers of most PCB applications. There are many other copper foil properties which are important for an engineer to understand. TOP TEN All Systems Go: Accelerate Your PCB Designs with Machine Learning Rambus Driving a CXL Memory Option The Shaughnessy Report: With Field Solvers, GIGO Hurts Arjun Bangre EDITOR'S PICKS Lightning Speed Laminates: An Overview of Copper Foils

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