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94 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I OCTOBER 2022 In a recent issue of SMT007 Magazine, we discussed "supply pain management." This reminded us of the question that doctors often ask: "What's your pain level on a scale of 1–10?" PCB designers really deserve a lot of credit. For years, they've been working through supply chain pain, like Rip Wheeler after he got shot on "Yellowstone." It hurts, but we're short on cowboys, so get back to work. There's one lesson that all designers have learned over the past few years: Components might be here today and gone tomorrow, so tracking your parts is more important than ever. Any resources that help you keep tabs on your required parts are invaluable in these days of 40-week lead times. Have you ever gone to a buffet hungry and look- ing forward to digging in? You get to the end of the buffet, but there's no room on your plate for the good stuff. At this point, you probably feel much like that with the first part of looking at our footprint, but rest assured, although your plate is already full, the good stuff is still waiting for us. During these times of sup- ply chain uncertainty, many product developers are considering new ways to conserve materi- als—from laminates to components, layer reduction, and everything in between. Barry Matties and Happy Holden recently spoke with Alun Morgan, president of EIPC and technology ambassador for Ventec, about material conservation strategies for today's PCB designers and design engineers. TOP TEN Altium's EDDI Report Tracks Components' Availability—Today and Historically Elementary, Mr. Watson: Anatomy of Your Component— Footprint, Part 2 The Shaughnessy Report: Working Through the Design Pain EDITOR'S PICKS Material Conservation: The PCB Designer's Role

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