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64 SMT007 MAGAZINE I NOVEMBER 2022 Matt Kelly had the vision and Jan Varda- man set the tone for the IPC Advanced Pack- aging Symposium, Oct. 11–13, in Washington, D.C. So, did they accomplish their goals? What were the real takeaways from the event, and what can we expect to see next? Spoiler alert: Matt and Jan came away impressed in more ways than one. Nolan Johnson: Matt and Jan, now that the sym- posium has closed, what are your thoughts? How did it go? Jan Vardaman: We've had a lot of great discus- sions. Many met for the first time, and when you're trying to make changes, it's important to bring people together, talk about the prob- lem and the solutions we can develop. at's exactly what happened. Johnson: About a year ago, Jan, we did an inter- view and I asked what we needed to do to move forward. You said, "We need a summit," and here we are. Vardaman: at's right. It's been very success- ful because people were having great discus- sions outside the planned sessions. We've heard those in the hallways here, so putting this together to get something done is very important. at's what's been accomplished out of this meeting. Johnson: Matt, as the architect for this event, what are your thoughts? Matt Kelly: While this was about awareness and education, one of the biggest takeaways was in the number of people who were talking, Advanced Packaging Symposium Recap: A Real Conversation Starter Jan Vardaman Matt Kelly

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