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NOVEMBER 2022 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 65 exchanging business cards, and having their meetings. Jokingly, I had said that if the groups didn't like the content of the slides at least they could meet new colleagues and start the work on their own. So, I'm most happy about the level of engage- ment. I'm also impressed by the atten- tiveness of the attendees. We had a completely packed room for two full days and that shows the need and the desire to learn more. ey wanted to take this information back with them and begin to make sense of it. Johnson: Will the presentation materials be distributed to the registered attendees? Kelly: Yes, it will be part of the compendium which we'll put together when we get back. Johnson: is can't certainly be the end. What's next? Vardaman: We certainly need to see what will come out of this, but I believe we plan to have another event at IPC APEX EXPO where we can continue the discussion. We'll be closer to the time that things start coming out and we'll see people picking their dance partners, so to speak. Johnson: One big piece of news was Frank Gayle from NIST announcing that PCB eco- system projects could be submitted under the CHIPS Act. at was confirmed in other con- versations I've had with those who were at the Capitol talking to congressional and senate staff. at's a good sign for ongoing work with government legislation, isn't it? Kelly: Yes, it is, and we heard it this aernoon as well. We keep hearing about the lines blur- ring, but printed circuit board technologies to a level with IC substrates are coming together. ere are absolutely differences, but there's also synergy. e one thing I really like about this—if we can get all the way there—is this reversal of commodity. at word commodity is a bad word. e commoditization of printed circuit work, the commoditization of IC substrates is a bad thing. We need to continue that effort to show how complex they are and how much work is needed. Johnson: Part of the message was that it's time to stop talking and start acting. Will there be more symposia in the future? Kelly: We had multiple requests for simi- lar events in different geographic locations. ere's a request to do one in Europe. ere was a request for a more defense-based agenda. Part of what Jan does at TechSearch Interna- tional, and what IPC is doing, is to keep that community vibrant. You need to know who needs to work together. at will be a contin- ued function. But as you know, post-event, we must con- tinue driving more substantive types of execu- tion. at means building these communities, starting to list exactly what is needed, and get beyond talking. Johnson: Well, congratulations. Job well done. Kelly: ank you. Vardaman: ank you. Frank Gayle

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