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70 SMT007 MAGAZINE I NOVEMBER 2022 e message can't be empha- sized enough: Producing IC sub- strates overseas weakens Amer- ica's position and national secu- rity. In this frank discussion with Will Marsh, president of PCBAA, he talks about his efforts to edu- cate government policymakers on the dire need to consider the entire microelectronics ecosys- tem. ere's power in numbers, Will says, and he sees the association's efforts making a difference. Nolan Johnson: Will, we're gathered at the Advanced Packaging Symposium, but you have been spending most of your time on Cap- itol Hill doing work for PCBAA and TTM. What is the atmosphere there? Will Marsh: Right now, the Hill is very quiet because Congress is in recess and they aren't back in session until aer the elec- tion. While D.C. is quieter with- out the members of Congress, legislative staff are still doing the day-to-day work on behalf of their constituencies. In our meet- ings with staff about the printed circuit board industry and the IC substrate opportunities, we're finding an appetite to learn and talk more about strategies and policies that address the other parts of the electronics ecosystem that were not addressed directly in the CHIPS Act. From the Senate side, they are adamant that the CHIPS Act covers the ecosystem, but as you read the bill, that's hard to determine. We're reinforcing the messages that while it's a noble cause to advance the CHIPS Act and the $52 billion investment, it's the first of many steps. We are encouraged that staff rec- ognize that the microelectronics ecosystem, Working on the Hill to Build a Future Will Marsh

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