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NOVEMBER 2022 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 71 the reshoring debate, and having a domes- tic, secure, resilient supply chain for the eco- system are absolutely being met with open arms. It's an encouraging piece of news, but it's something we wouldn't know about unless we were on the Hill talking about it. at's why this IPC event, with 150 really smart people talking about advanced packaging definitions, needs, and requirements, is really important. We can take some of these messages back to the Hill to reinforce the messages that the Printed Circuit Board Association of America, IPC, and USPAE are telling that story. As we know, Washington is all about creating a sense of debate and having discussions. Government is not the speed of business, and this is a slow- moving train, so we must stay in front of the right people and drumbeat our message. Johnson: How does the industry participate in this process? Government moves at the pace of government, but pressure can be applied. Marsh: Absolutely. Strength in numbers wins every day in Washington, D.C., and in politics. e speed of government might be slow, but the larger your megaphone the quicker we get to a solution. We need more companies involved in the message that the domestic microelec- tronics ecosystem is relatively broken. You can write your representatives or write op-eds. As associations, we can use our social media plat- forms to bring more awareness. e more peo- ple participating in getting that message out, the quicker it will lead to a solution. Johnson: As we've listened to the speakers this week, we realized that it takes a large amount of capital to implement advanced packaging. It's understandable that you need volume, cus- tomers, or both, to make it a viable business model. is points back to continued, ongoing discussions with government to put that infra- structure in place. Marsh: You're spot on. It's not just having those conversations either, all of which are going well. e other part is educating them about where the holes in the yard are. Oentimes, elected officials and decisionmakers in com- merce or defense are unaware that there are

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