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MARCH 2023 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 67 lenges in the electronics manufacturing indus- try? How do we change and innovate? e managers of electronics manufactur- ing companies are constantly exploring intelligent manufacturing, trying to change and innovate. In the past, companies focused on industrial automation, such as introduc- ing intelligent robots to replace production line workers. As they further explored intelli- gent manufacturing, some managers realized that "soware is the key, and digitalization is the core" in intelligent manufacturing. Over the years, we have visited many SMT factories around the world and seen that various compa- nies are making different attempts to achieve change and innovation. Our advice to these managers is to digitize the manufacturing pro- cess with the help of excellent soware effi- ciency tools, so that the engineering team can work easily and efficiently. Now the trend of the entire electronics manufacturing industry is to miniaturize the components and accelerate the iteration of new products. With this idea in mind, how do we ensure the quality and stability of PCBA? is is a major challenge for SMT manufac- turers. Also, how do we manage high staff turnover? is is a difficult problem faced by many. Somehow, you want to digitalize SMT pro- cess knowledge with personnel experience. Engineers are using digital tool soware to efficiently complete process preparation. is innovation will help SMT manufactur- ing enterprises to simplify management to the greatest extent and improve the work effi- ciency of the entire engineering team. Based on the current digital transforma- tion and intelligent manufacturing, we con- tinue to explore and innovate, and is launch- ing solutions that exceed customer expecta- tions and industry needs. With comprehensive upgrades to global intelligent manufacturing, Vayo Technology upholds the spirit of cras- manship, continues to focus on the field of NPI industrial soware, and keeps moving forward. SMT007 Sponsored link: Vayo workstations.

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