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4 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I MARCH 2023 FEATURE COLUMNS Tribal Knowledge: Friend or Foe? by Andy Shaughnessy Tribal Knowledge: Not the Villain You Thought by Tim Haag Instilling an Informal Information Culture by Martyn Gaudion If Not You, Then Who? by John Watson The Tale of Five CAD Monkeys by Kelly Dack Tribal Knowledge: A Personal Perspective by Joe Fjelstad FEATURE INTERVIEWS With Tribal Knowledge, Trust but Verify with Tamara Jovanovic True Experts Can Cite Their Sources with Kris Moyer Embedding Know-how Into Automation with Michael Ford FEATURE ARTICLE Material Matters and Tribal Knowledge by Alun Morgan 8 32 44 48 68 84 10 22 28 42 MARCH 2023 • FEATURE CONTENTS Tribal knowledge is present in every organization, no matter what size. How do we distinguish this information from documented facts? In this issue, our expert contributors will provide read- ers with the tools and methodologies needed to identify tribal knowledge, as well as when to question such information, and how to document and transform this information into a process. Tribal Knowledge: Friend or Foe?

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