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MARCH 2023 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 63 board size. So, we had to make sure we never lost that coffee cup. Don't lose the known good cup. at was a challenge. What would you say to PCB designers who are considering entering this contest next year? e design competition adds a variety of chal- lenges for everyone, designers, and the like, and it gives you a chance to challenge yourself. Technology is always advancing, so if you don't challenge yourself, you don't learn. That's great. Thanks, Paul. ank you, Andy. DESIGN007 those tools. First it was Protel DOS, and then Protel 99SE. That was a little while ago. I have a funny story from those days. At the beginning of my career, in the early 1990s, we were using DOS-based Protel and OrCAD. One of the designs we were working was a strobe light for a forkli, and the challenge was to draw round circuit boards. Protel DOS had two options, but when we were doing the designs in OrCAD, the only option we had was to do the board layout, then take a coffee cup, and draw a circle around the artwork. Aer that, we would send it to the board house. But if we grabbed the wrong coffee cup that day and sent that design to the board house, we would get the wrong MARCH 2023 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 63

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