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66 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I MARCH 2023 Solid Design Methodologies for Avoiding Obstacles new design talent? Do you see that as waxing or waning in the industry? Yes, and yes. We can find them, and we can retain them. Shaughnessy: A lot of our friends in the industry have had multiple positions open for six or nine months now. What's your secret? Do you have an outreach team? Do you work with colleges? Yes, we work with colleges, and we have an outreach team. Dack: Are you hiring fresh designers out of school who want to get into PCB design or are they typically engineering students who can be on an electronic engineer track, pick up the design, and begin doing layout? We do hire younger engineers. It's important to train the future workforce. Shaughnessy: All right. Very good. Thank you. anks. DESIGN007 Interview by the I-Connect007 Editorial Team Christian Dominguez, an engineering man- ager with an aerospace company, attended Filbert Arzola's Professional Development class at IPC APEX EXPO. We asked Christian to share his thoughts on the class, his job, and hiring and retaining talented employees in this tight job market. Kelly Dack: I've heard Filbert Arzola talk about some strategies on ground bonding and length-matching strategies, and it's often in an aerospace context. What was your takeaway from the class on PCB design strategies and methodologies? What have you learned? e course material is very insightful. e instructor is giving us a pretty good overview, and a lot of tips on designing. He's also giving us the tools to look ahead and prepare for any obstacles in terms of design, so that's been very important and a big takeaway. Dack: In your job, do you use a lot of exotic materials which require exotic design strategies? Yes, we use very innovative strategies for design that match the complexity of the tasks. Andy Shaughnessy: Tell us a little about your job. I manage a team of layout engineers, and they work on everything from power supplies to RF; it's all over the spectrum. Dack: Since you're a design engineering manager, what is the workforce experience like today? Are you able to find and retain Christian Dominguez 66 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I MARCH 2023

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