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8 PCB007 MAGAZINE I MARCH 2023 Nolan's Notes by Nolan Johnson, I-CONNECT007 The Fabricator's Mindset If you've logged onto a popular social media account, the first thing you get asked is: What's on your mind? It's such a great ques- tion because it's so open-ended. ere's no judgment, no general direction, no expecta- tion. We just get to share what we're thinking about. Well, we're three m o n t h s i n t o 2 0 2 3 , a n d w r a p p i ng u p our first quarter. So, as a PCB fabricator, what's on your mind? Is it time to assess, a n d p e r h a p s r e a s - s e s s, your e x p ec ta- t i o n s a r e f o r t h e y e a r a n d w h e t h e r your reality is meet- ing your predictions? What are you hope- ful about? What has you nervous? What are the opportunities and obstacles to your business right now? Several trends and challenges seem to be prevalent today: reshor- ing, high reliability, increased capacity, staff- ing, new capabilities, and the CHIPS Act. As you'll see in this issue, we touch on all those topics, as well as a few surprises. It was clear at IPC APEX EXPO that you have plenty on your mind. A walk through the Technical Conference uncovered that of the 28 technical tracks, 16 were related to printed cir- cuit board fabrication; that's nearly 60% of the sessions devoted to fabrication issues. Interest- ingly, my impression of the show floor (based on booth presence) was that it was weighted much more in favor of assembly services than fabrication. us, as we strate- gized content for this i s s u e , w e e n c o u n - t e r e d a n i n t e r e s t - i n g dynamic: Suggest a specific topic to a subject matter expert and they can usually deliver an essay, or produce a white paper already tucked away in their proverbial desk drawer. Some- times they might refer to a technical paper presented at a recent conference or s ym- posium which we can publish. But this required a different approach. It was called, "Let's talk." One of the best and most interesting aspects of being the editor of PCB007 Magazine is the opportunity to get inside someone's head. What do they know? How do they know it? How can their knowledge help you? Every-

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