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76 PCB007 MAGAZINE I MARCH 2023 and some of the new materials that are available. Mark, could I ask you to give us a little bit of an introduction to Ventec? Mark Goodwin: Yes, Ventec has been known as an FR-4, a polyimide supplier, a thermal man- agement supplier, and we've had a few things in the high-speed digital area, tec-speed up to 7 now. We are really widening the scope and range of materials we supply and starting to shi the business toward supplying some of those higher technology materials. Ventec is very well placed to do this because of the way our factories are built with many treaters, which means we can run many prod- ucts. We also have a mixture of presses, every- Organizing Materials Differently Feature Interview by Pete Starkey I-CONNECT007 At a recent industry conference, techni- cal editor Pete Starkey caught some time with Ventec's Mark Goodwin and Didier Mauve. In this conversation, Mark and Didier discuss Ventec's work to curate their product offerings into functional categories based on function and target application. e pair also share their thinking on markets which they see as driv- ing material development work. When mate- rial performance becomes an integral part of the PCB's performance specifications, the tra- ditional way of categorizing materials may not do the job. Today, we will have a conversation about some of the technical aspects of materials

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