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22 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I APRIL 2023 Feature Article by Cody Stetzel CADENCE DESIGN SYSTEMS RF antenna design and layout is one area that requires careful attention to detail and some pointers from mixed-signal designers. If you're just getting started with high-frequency ana- log design, follow these tips to ensure isolation and signal integrity in your RF design. ese days, it's hard to think of a consumer product that doesn't contain an antenna. Even my garage door opener can connect to my phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Each time a new RF antenna gets added to a PCB layout, it can create a new headache for RF design- ers, especially as analog design skills start to become critical again. With so many RF capa- bilities being added to new PCBs, how can designers ensure the signals in their system are not corrupted and signal integrity is pre- served? ankfully, there are some simple design choices you can make to help ensure your RF signals are not degraded by nearby digital com- ponents. ese same design choices will help prevent multiple analog signals from interfer- ing with each other. While there are plenty of topics in RF design to consider when designing mixed-signal or all-RF systems, antenna design and layout are probably two of the most impor- tant. Here's what you need to know about RF antenna design in your PCB and how to ensure analog signal integrity. RF Antenna Design and Layout Tips for Your PCB Figure 1: This SMA connector makes a coaxial connection with an RF antenna.

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