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58 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I APRIL 2023 Article by Paul Carpine SIEMENS EDA When do you first start thinking about the selling price of your new product? It's impossi- ble to avoid the question of what the price will be. e worst answer is: "I don't know, let's see aer the first samples." Let's say the product's selling price is $49; then the manufacturing cost will be $20. Dur- ing each design change, the manufacturing cost should be recalculated to make sure the prod- uct is still competitive. is means you should involve people from both the development and cost calculation teams. is circle will be repeated until the final design is released, and the final calculation is done. Of course, if a small design change with "no impact for production" is not sent for evaluation, this is already a risk. Design for Cost in Real-time What if we had a soware that was able to recalculate the price of the product in real-time during the design? What if we had something implemented into the design tool that was able to understand the change and recalculate the manufacturing price? It is hard to find a product without a PCBA inside, and calculating the manufacturing cost for this component is not easy. It can be made in the beginning of the project based on several inputs, but what factors should you consider when you start the design? ese same factors should be implemented inside this magic cost calculation soware. e cost calculation activity is irritating when your focus is hardware development and/or

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