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IPC COMMUNITY 46 SPRING 2023 difficulties on businesses. The final rule was expected to be published within the first half of 2023. The Impact on the Electronics Industry IPC's current plan includes compiling read- ily available resources on PFAS uses in elec- tronics to prompt, prepare, and motivate the industry to act: • Look into what you make, how you make it, and who you sell it to. This enables your customers, and their suppliers they buy it from, to prepare for regulatory action. • If you don't know what you're using and why it's critical to the functionality of your product or your process, you may face unexpected supply chain changes or product changes. We see IPC's role as enabling information exchange on a very complicated subject matter. IPC has provided webinars and briefings, and we continue that message of looking ahead and preparing. You have a responsi- bility, and the sooner you look, the better. We know this is difficult. We recognize at times it may feel and seem impossible. It may require new resources. But the sooner you can embrace the challenges, the better. Because guess what? We're trying to help you advocate for continued uses, if needed, but also enable safer alternatives when feasible. We want to enable you to do the best you can. It will be tough but doing something is better than nothing. Please do something. As much as we would love to prepare every- one by handing out fact sheets and exactly what needs to be done, it's not there. There's a lot of learning and moving as we go. That's where we're at. Suhani Chitalia is environmental regulatory affairs manager at IPC. Kelly Scanlon, lead sustain- ability strategist, also contrib- uted to this article. • Cleaning products • Water-resistant fabrics, such as rain jackets, umbrellas, and tents • Grease-resistant paper (think of parchment paper you use for baking) • Nonstick cookware • Shampoo, dental floss, nail polish, eye makeup • Stain-resistant coating on carpet, upholstery, and other fabrics • Microwave popcorn bags Click here to learn more. Common consumer and commercial products that may contain PFAS

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