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16 SMT007 MAGAZINE I MAY 2023 solder certification course at NCC. is Solder Boot Camp will perform two primary func- tions: Teach the students how to solder, with practical examples and exercises with enough practice time to hone their new skills, and cer- tify the student to J-STD soldering level. We are also actively exploring what would be involved in offering a "Test Technician Boot Camp," where we would train students to per- form the tasks necessary to qualify for that position in the industry. What message would you like to share about getting involved, either in your project, or others around the country? We really have two audiences to address: industry leaders and educators. At NCC, we are always looking for donated (or discounted) tools and raw materials. Local industry can contact Jon Mason through NCC to see how they can help. In return, we provide wall space for a company banner as well as help turning out qualified personnel for their factories. is can be beneficial during the many times local press and news media cover our activities. As for others who are starting up similar pro- grams (or any other program related to tech- nological manufacturing), manufacturers need to communicate their needs, and educators need to explain their abilities and limitations. Beyond that you will need educators who will truly embrace the value of such training. Addi- tionally, local manufacturers must be able and willing to provide (either via donation or loan) the expensive and specialized equipment nec- essary for the desired training. Lastly, both the school and corporations need to establish some form of flow of raw materials. We oen receive donations of scrap or out-of-production material for our class, which includes MMICs, thin and thick film resistors, capacitors, coils, beam leads, sub- strates and more. Without this flow of raw materials we would be unable to perform the high level of training we need to provide. Thank you, Jim, for sharing such valuable information. Happy to help. SMT007 In a recent roundtable discussion with SMTA staff, we asked about identifying aptitude in job candi- dates. Gary Tanel, SMTA national ambassador, gave us this response. SMTA resources, which could be used as part of onboarding, help employees determine whether they have the aptitude for this type of work and want to move on to certifications. Is providing those tools part of SMTA's mission? Can a human resources department use SMTA's training to ensure they're hiring the right people? Yes, and it's why we've hired Tara Dunn as SMTA director of training and education. When we're talk- ing to the tier one companies, we learn that they want to outsource the training; they don't want to hire permanent staff to do it. They say, "We've got 100 engineers coming and going every year, and we need an easy way to direct them toward train- ing classes." Every new employee takes ESD train- ing, sexual harassment training, and so forth. The training doesn't just have to be how to put flux on a board. But that's a good point; offering something to help people decide whether this is the right fit. SMTA Training Helps Companies Find the Right Fit for Talent Gary Tanel

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