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24 SMT007 MAGAZINE I MAY 2023 Feature Q&A with Brenda Clunie EPTAC Since training is such a key component in converting an inexperienced new hire into a valued contributor on the manufacturing floor, we asked Brenda Clunie, vice president of sales and operations at EPTAC, exactly how their certification programs deliver on this promise for new hires. How much demand do you see for new hire training among electronics manufacturers? As the electronics industry grows and evolves, there is an increasing demand for new hire training amongst electronics manufacturers. With advancements in technology and new market trends emerging, it is essential for Training for New Hires manufacturers to ensure their employees are equipped with the knowledge and skills nec- essary to keep up with this fast-paced indus- try. From learning about new production tech- niques to understanding the latest regulations and compliance standards, new hire training has become a crucial aspect of maintaining a competitive edge in the electronics manufac- turing sector. As such, we can expect to see a continued demand for high-quality training programs designed to help new hires thrive in this dynamic industry. We also see a significant number of experi- enced employees leaving the industry due to retirement, and this drives significant compe- tition for talent. Increased labor costs increase Brenda Clunie

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