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MAY 2023 I PCB007 MAGAZINE 25 single person in your company is a cus- tomer service person and a salesperson. And it's your job as a leader to make sure that everyone in your company, from the guy in plating to the woman in drilling, knows everything they can about their customers. 4. Create a customer satisfaction team. Let it be one that does nothing but focus on the customers and the way your com- pany can please them. is team should i n c l u d e r e p r e s e n ta t i v e s f r o m e v e r y depar tment in your company. The y should meet at least once a week to work on ways to delight their customers. Can you imagine that? Can you imagine spend- ing one hour a week focused on your cus- tomers and how you can make them love you? It's so simple, yet so rare. I don't know of a single company in our industry that is doing this today. So, you can be the first. Give it a try and you'll quickly be the most outstanding company in a virtual wasteland of customer delight. And yes, there is one more—always under-prom- ise and over-deliver. 5. Call your customers. is is espe- cially important if you run the company. ey will take your call—you are the pres- ident, aer all—and they will be anxious to talk to you. You will not only gain great insight into your customer and his needs, but you will impress him with your dedi- cation to making sure he is delighted. e very action of picking up the phone and calling your customer will go a very long way toward letting that customer know how much you care. And once again, almost no one in our industry is doing this; you will be outstanding in the truest sense of the word. Please give these ideas a try. is coun- try is losing so many PCB companies that it is time we really stepped up to make sure our customers never even consider taking their business elsewhere. PCB007 Quality Assurance Technician Quality assurance is an essential part of a com- pany that offers products and services. It is critical that the company's output remains consistent and up to par with industry standards. It is the quality assur- ance technician's role to inspect, monitor, and evalu- ate the quality of every product. The goal is to estab- lish customer satisfaction and trust. The assistant qual- ity assurance manager works with the head manager and helps generate reports of daily activities for exec- utive evaluations. These technicians are responsible for testing and analyzing electronics, in order to ensure their quality and safety for either professional or everyday use. Job duties may include setting up test cases, developing scenarios, reporting issues, and diagnosing technical problems. Test cases may be conducted in multiple environments to assure that the product can stand up to everyday uses. Quality assurance technicians must also commu- nicate their findings with other professionals such as product managers, developers, and system engineers. They can specialize in a number of industries such as communications, healthcare, transportation, and sig- nal processing. Learn more.

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