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16 SMT007 MAGAZINE I JUNE 2023 In I-Connect007's inaugural "On the Line with…" podcast, we spoke with six experts in sustainability and electronics manufactur- ing from Siemens Digital Industries Soft- ware: Susan Kayesar, Mark Laing, Patrick McGoff, and Christian Wendt. Other podcasts in the series feature Zac Elliott and Jonathan Fromm. Aer recording the episodes, we gath- ered to discuss the series: the content, chal- lenges, potential solutions, and the impact on our industry. Siemens Experts Introduce New Sustainability Podcast Excerpts from that roundtable conversation are transcribed here, with a link to the audio version. Click here to listen to On the Line with... or follow us on Spotify. Nolan Johnson: We just all finished recording a series of podcasts on the topic of sustainabil- ity with you as our subject matter experts. Sus- tainability really is a key topic for all industries right now; electronics manufacturing is no exception. Why is sustainability so important

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