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20 SMT007 MAGAZINE I JUNE 2023 Feature Article by Mark Schaffer iNEMI Information and communications technol- ogy (ICT) products are essential to modern society and comprise a significant portion of the global economy. ey also have a not-so- insignificant environmental impact because they consume large amounts of resources and energy during manufacture, use, and disposal. e short life of ICT products, coupled with increasing demand for products, worsens the scenario. An initial, but key step in reducing the envi- ronmental impact of a product is to measure that impact. Lifecycle assessment (LCA) is the well-recognized methodology to assess envi- ronmental impacts through a product's life. However, traditional LCA processes are typi- cally expensive and time consuming. In many cases, a simpler approach can be employed to provide guidance and further enable adoption of LCA to reduce environmental impact. Given the current climate change challenges, it is necessary for ICT manufacturers to reduce this impact. To that end, the International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI) and its members have developed two tools that can aid the electronics industry in this effort— the Reuse and Recycling Metrics tool 1 and the Eco-Impact Estimator tool 2 . Reuse and Recycling Metric Tool iNEMI's Reuse and Recycling Metrics (R&RM) project focused on increasing cir- cularity for electronic products. e project team developed a predictive metric that helps iNEMI Develops Tools for Sustainable Electronics

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