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JUNE 2023 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 41 Feature Short by Kelly Scanlon IPC LEAD SUSTAINABILITY STRATEGIST In our previous article in IPC Community titled, "Sustainability: IPC Leading the Way," we asked, "Which sustainability issues are most likely to impact the operating performance of electronics compa- nies?" While there are a multitude of sustainability topics, not all are material or relevant to electronics manufacturing. The answer, though, can enable com- panies to manage resources that help them meet reg- ulatory obligations and to identify more sustainable business and manufacturing practices with the most beneficial outcomes for the resources invested. Here's how we have addressed this question and looked for an answer: IPC completed an exploratory materiality assess- ment in Q4 2022 to evaluate the reporting and disclo- sure drivers causing industry to report and disclose company-specific data and information on various sustainability topics and targets, and the material they have prioritized. The purpose of the exploratory study was to provide a foundation for future industry-spe- cific, sustainability-related studies. However, we were surprised by how useful the results of the study were. The exploratory study included the following steps: 1. Identify sustainability reports from electronics manufacturing companies. 2. Analyze the results to support consistent review and compilation of data on several parameters. 3. Report to ensure comparability across companies and produce meaningful results. We analyzed 61 sustainability reports published since 2020 by industry leaders (based on 2021 rev- enue estimates) using a custom Materiality Frame- work Tool to support both the consistent review of the reports and the compilation of data. PCB, EMS, and wire/cable companies, as well as OEMs, all from Asia, Europe, and North America, were represented in the study. We recorded data from each report, including: • Reporting frameworks and standards: The dis- closure frameworks and standards reported on in the sustainability report included Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Sustainabil- ity Accounting Standards Board (SASB), Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclo- sures (TCFD), and the Carbon Disclosure Proj- ect (CDP). • Stakeholders and stakeholder engagement tac- tics and methodology: The companies, organi- zations, or communities identified as relevant to the company's financial and nonfinancial success and the approach taken to survey or otherwise engage with those stakeholders. • Sustainability goals: Qualitative, quantitative, or time-bound targets established by the com- pany. • Material topics and topic boundaries: The sus- tainability topics presented in the company's sustainability report and the terminology used to define or describe that topic. To read the rest of this article, which appeared in the Spring 2023 issue of IPC Community, click here. What Does Sustainability Mean for Electronics Manufacturers?

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