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42 SMT007 MAGAZINE I JUNE 2023 Feature Article by Pamela Brody-Heine CLEAN ELECTRONICS PRODUCTION NETWORK As we enter a new decade characterized by global transparency, companies are increas- ingly compelled to prioritize the protection of workers, not only within their own facilities but throughout complex multi-national sup- ply chains. Process chemicals are increasingly being viewed as a human rights issue, as mil- lions of workers in the electronics global sup- ply chain are using process chemicals. e U.N. Special Rapporteur on Tox- ics (2018) 1 reported that there are approximately 160 million cases of occupational disease reported annu- ally across all industry sectors. Aer recognizing the significance of safeguarding workers from hazard- ous chemicals in the manufacturing process, several companies joined forces in 2016 and collaborated with other stakeholders to form the Clean Electronics Production Network (CEPN). The Right to a Safe, Healthy Work Environment CEPN is a multi-stakeholder innovation net- work working collectively to address com- plex workplace health and safety challenges in the electronics supply chain and proactively move the electronics industry toward safer and cleaner production to reduce worker exposure to process chemicals. e network comprises 20 member organizations, including major companies, suppliers, academia, environmen-

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