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10 SMT007 MAGAZINE I JUNE 2023 In a recent conversation with Kelly Scan- lon, IPC lead sustainability strategist, we dove deep into the topic of sustainability, asking what it is and how we achieve it. Because this is such a broad topic, we've excerpted just a por- tion of the conversation here, but what is clear is that we've only scratched the surface on sus- tainability; there is so much that is not yet fully defined. Nolan Johnson: Kelly, why should we concern ourselves with sustainability? One of the challenges of defining sustainability is answering the question, "What does sustain- ability mean?" You could be talking at the level of an individual—what we do in our homes or whether we carry a reusable shopping bag to the grocery market—or how this translates into what we do when we design, build, and use electronics. ink on this long enough and the idea of sustainability becomes a journey of continu- ous improvement that can increase resource efficiencies and decrease impacts through con- scientious and intentional lifecycle manage- ment. at's great. So, what does this mean to electronics manufacturing companies? Sus- tainability concepts, approaches, and metrics are challenging to define. Placing these con- cepts, approaches, and metrics in context with the variety of companies and stakeholders making up the complex and diverse electron- Why Does Sustainability Matter? Feature Interview with the I-Connect007 Editorial Team

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