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JUNE 2023 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 37 those taught by Kris Moyer, as well as the CID and CID+ certification classes and exams. A variety of design classes are available at IPC APEX EXPO, DesignCon, and the PCB East and West shows. Altium's John Watson also teaches basic and advanced PCB design at Palomar College near San Diego. ere are great design classes out there, and some that are not so great, so investigate the instruc- tor's bona fides before forking over your ben- jamins. IPC specifications and training courses have already laid the foundation—the prima facie— for collaborative PCB design and manufac- turing specifications. ey serve the global industry as a type of owner's manual for our industry systems. ey are produced and rep- resented by diverse groups of industry pro- fessionals who are subject matter experts in the PCB industry. Manufacturers aim toward these specifications to define the target con- ditions of our PCBs. PCB designers need to become familiar, specify, and form their design strategies around the limits published in these documents in order to fit and function with fellow supply chain stakeholders. Design- ers must realize that when they create a layout without consideration for global prima facie production capabilities, they are not creating a design. ey are creating an accident waiting to happen. Now y'all have a good day and just don't drive so fast, ya hear? DESIGN007 Kelly Dack, CIT, CID+, provides DFx centered PCB design and manufacturing liaison expertise for a dynamic EMS provider in the Pacific Northwest while also serving as an IPC design certification instructor (CID) for EPTAC. To read past columns, click here. Figure 6: IPC's "drivers ed" class for designers.

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