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JUNE 2023 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 83 Altium has announced the launch of a dedicated region of the Altium 365 cloud platform designed for regulated companies and organizations handling sensitive data. Located on U.S. soil and exclusively managed by U.S. persons in the AWS GovCloud region, Altium 365 GovCloud helps organizations ensure compliance with various U.S. govern- ment regulations by choosing an Altium 365 workspace in the GovCloud region. It's been a little while since I first had the opportunity to review an EIPC Technical Snapshot webinar. The webinar on May 3 was introduced and moderated by EIPC technical director Tarja Rapala-Virtanen. Her first presenter was John Johnson, director of business development at American Standard Circuits, with a detailed case history of ASC's successful realisation of ultra-high-density interconnects. I recently ran into Ryan Miller of NCAB Group at SMTA Atlanta. Ryan is a field application engineer and a col- umnist for Design007 Magazine who joined NCAB last year. In this interview, Ryan discusses his path from Air Force Security Forces to design engineer, and he outlines what he plans to accomplish at NCAB. For decades, humans using software solutions created by humans have been trying to create a perfect PCB design data package that can be utilized, as is, by a PCB fabricator. The goal was to send data to computers that would automatically read and interpret the data and, from that, create production tooling without any human intervention. As we learned in a recent Design007 Magazine survey, when it comes to choosing the right material for their board, our readers are about evenly split. Almost 30% of respondents said they always consult IPC's slash sheets during the material selection process. One-third said they some- times use slash sheets in their decision-making progress, but 39% said they never utilize slash sheets. In the past, selecting a dielectric material for PCB fabrication was a no-brainer because we all just used FR-4. Clock frequencies were low and signal rise times were slow, so substrate per- formance was not an issue. However, in today's multi-gigabit designs, with their extremely fast rise times and tight timing margins, precise material selec- tion is crucial to the performance of the product. For the latest news and information, visit Ryan's Hope: From Cop to CAD EIPC Review: Ultra-high-density Interconnects, Thin-film Resistor Materials Altium Announces Launch of Altium 365 GovCloud Select Dielectric Material With Precision Dana on Data: Can ChatGPT Solve My PCB Data Transfer Quality Problem? A New Materials Paradigm Ryan Miller

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