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JULY 2023 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 21 Technologists from inspection solutions provider Koh Young discuss AI learning in their latest micro webinar series and guidebook. In Koh Young's 12-part micro webinar series, "Smarter Manufacturing Enabled with Inspection Data," Global MES Manager Ivan Aduna examines the role inspection systems will play in the next industrial rev- olution. Viewers will learn about secure data collec- tion, AI-powered solutions to manage and analyze data, and how to leverage IPC CFX-QPL to succeed in the transformation to Industry 4.0. In the first episode, "Smart Factory Success," Aduna discusses how inspection systems and pro- prietary AI-based learning methods incorporate the industry's best True 3D measurement-based tech- nologies. He also shares highly focused educational information on the use of data gathered during the inspection process. This webinar series covers a comprehensive range of topics surrounding 3D inspection and pro- cess control. Each segment clocks in at around 5 minutes, with the entire series being viewable in under an hour. Visit Smarter Manufacturing Enabled with Inspection Data and start watching today. The company also recently announced the launch of its companion guide to their book, The Printed Circuit Assembler's Guide to…™ SMT Inspec- tion. This short guide is designed to provide readers with additional insights into the use of artificial intell i - gence to improve manu- facturing yields, help over- come labor shortages, and improve flexibility. Visit I-007eBooks to down- load The Companion Guide to… SMT Inspection and learn more today. AI Learning Explored by Topic Experts in I-007e Content Series factory of the future—is coming, but my guess is we won't see manufacturing completely revamped in three years. Johnson: Sheldon, what do our readers need to know about AI? When it comes to adopting machine learning or deep learning, they need to know that their competitors are embracing this and they really need to integrate machine learning into their business in a holistic way. ey can apply this technology to low-hanging fruit like inspec- tion and design. Many people are interpreting the generative AI craze as an inflection point. Shaughnessy: Sheldon, thanks for your time. Always a pleasure. SMT007 Johnson: Where do you see this five years from now? Oh my gosh. I was talking to a thought leader in the space that predicted AGI (Artificial Gen- eral Intelligence) somewhere between 2035 to 2050. He has now revised his prediction to say it will be here in 2026. It's moving so fast. It's exciting, but also a bit alarming. In terms of what this means for electronics manufactur- ing, the physicality of the space is something that you can't get away from. No matter how advanced ChatGPT gets, there's a real-world process to manipulate physical things, which will mean slower adoption. How does robot- ics fit? I have no doubt that these things for design and manufacturing will advance signifi- cantly in the next two or three years. e phys- ical systems—the robotic implementation of

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