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AUGUST 2023 I PCB007 MAGAZINE 103 PCBAA hosted its second annual meeting, June 13–14, in Washington, D.C. It was great to see our founding members as well as many new corporate and individual members. On the first day, we heard from senior officials at the Departments of Commerce and Defense, as well as several members of the House and Senate. IPC announced the June 2023 find- ings from its North American Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Statistical Pro- gram. The book-to-bill ratio stands at 0.98. Total North American PCB shipments in June 2023 were down 15.8 percent compared to the same month last year. Chris Chapman is a Deming manage- ment method practi- tioner and consultant who publishes "The Digestible Deming" blog on Substack. Chris has been a student of Deming's agile, Lean, and related methods since 2007. With the ever-increasing diver- sity of performance needs in printed circuits, substrates are an ongoing area of development and innovation. At IMS Micro- wave Week, we caught up with Daniel Barish, a global strategy and west commercial leader at Celanese, to discuss substrates, low temperature co-fired ceramics, in particular. In March 2023, IPC con- vened a Sustainabil- ity for Electronics Lead- ership Council to offer peer review and direc- tion to IPC. The council is a response to the indus- try's requests for more attention on environmen- tal, social, and corporate sustainability in IPC's industry standards, education, and advocacy. I often get frustrated when companies underestimate what it takes to find a global partner. They tell me that all it takes to find the right partner is to gather some quotes, and then accept the one with the best price. When I hear comments like that, I think about what it really takes. I'll ask them, "Have you been to China, Tai- wan, or Vietnam? It just makes a difference when you visit your suppliers in person." For the latest news and information, visit PCB007.com North American PCB Industry Sales Down 15.8% in June Team Players: A New Industry Leadership Council Seeks Sustainability Solutions Celanese: Fired Up Over Ceramics Global Sourcing Spotlight: My Six-step Process to Finding the Right Global Partners American Made Advocacy: Taking the Fight to Capitol Hill A 21st Century Perspective on Data, Analysis, and TQM Daniel Barish Kelly Scanlon

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