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48 PCB007 MAGAZINE I AUGUST 2023 Let me make a little bit more controver- sial statement: Your business strategy matters very little. You need one to provide focus, but what you list in your strategy is not really that secretive; letting it be public is not a matter of great concern. e real advantage of a com- pany is not its strategy, but that company's ability to implement that strategy. Implemen- tation is everything. is is the hard reality, the daily exercise and regular sleep of the cor- porate world. Without great implementation, your strategy is irrelevant. Where we need to be focused is on creating and developing our teams to become great implementors. ink of your business strategy as a naviga- tion system, with its implementation strat- egy essential to your company's success. e following aspects help connect the dots to ensure the execution makes it to its destination smoothly. • Establish the right work environment and corporate culture that supports and embraces strategy implementation. By motivating employees and rewarding success, you'll improve the effectiveness of your strategy. • Employ a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals to tackle individual supporting projects. • Improve internal communication to ensure all team members have the support and knowledge they need. • Develop procedures or policies which help teams better achieve their goals. • Create a healthy budget and allocate the resources needed to implement the strategy. We can talk all day long about how excit- ing and forward-thinking our strategies are, but how can we be successful if we cannot put those strategies into practice? While the new ideas and creativity of our workplace inspire us to think of success as limitless, without the hard work of putting those ideas into practice, we are just spinning our wheels. PCB007 Dr. John W. Mitchell is president and CEO of IPC. To read past columns, click here. Researchers have created a quantum superpo- sition state in a semiconductor nanostructure that might serve as a basis for quantum computing. The team headed by Feng Liu from Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, reported their findings in the journal Nature Nanotechnology, published online on 24 July 2023. The team made use of the so-called radiative Auger transition. In this process, an electron recombines with a hole, releasing its energy partly in the form of a single photon and partly by transferring the energy to another electron. In the current project, the researchers showed that the radi- ative Auger process can be coher- ently driven: they used two different laser beams with intensities in a specific ratio to each other. With the first laser, they excited an electron-hole pair in the quantum dot to create a quasiparticle consisting of two holes and an electron. With a second laser, they triggered the radiative Auger process to ele- vate one hole to a series of higher energy states. In the process, the researchers increased the ensemble homogeneity of the quantum dots and ensured the high purity of the structures pro- duced. These measures facil- itated the performance of the experiments by the Chinese part- ners working with Jun-Yong Yan and Feng Liu. (Source: Ruhr-Universität Bochum) New Type of Quantum Bit in Semiconductor Nanostructures

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