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70 PCB007 MAGAZINE I AUGUST 2023 Dr. Tim Rodgers might not call himself a "business strategies guru," but the moniker certainly fits. As an adjunct faculty instruc- tor at the University of Colorado, Tim special- izes in project management, problem-solving, and streamlining processes in engineering and manufacturing. Plus, Tim knows the business side of PCB fabrication. We asked Tim to discuss the process of devel- oping a successful business strategy for PCB fabricators, why operational efficiency is not a strategy itself, and how smaller companies can differentiate themselves in an industry that's becoming more and more commoditized. Andy Shaughnessy: Tim, would you share your thoughts on developing a business strategy? Sure. is is hugely important for companies to understand. We see a lot of examples of companies that fail because they don't have a clear strategy. It really should start with ask- ing, "How do you choose to compete? What can you do to create sustainable competi- tive advantage?" Companies that don't have a clear strategy just zigzag back and forth. ey take a lot of actions, and they may be very busy, but their actions are not consistent with any kind of strategic strategy. So, they end up What's Your Process for Developing a Strategy? Feature Interview by the I-Connect007 Editorial Team

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