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IPC COMMUNITY 56 WINTER 2024 Recycling PCBs In a recent article for Design007 about sus- tainable PCBs, my colleague Ramon Roche wrote about the various environmental reg- ulatory requirements all of us have to meet every day. He emphasized that regulations are used as a starting point. He stated, "We also require our suppliers to comply with local social and environmental regulations and be ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, where appli- cable." The ambition to create sustainable printed circuit boards (PCBs) is a continuous effort, and no single regulation makes a complete solution. However, applying all these stan- dards together can help to create the most sustainable PCB possible. Regulations are there to move the world in a direction, but in reality, the most significant effect is ensuring we efficiently use existing technologies and services. These regulations can be considered starting points instead of endpoints. We see that the industry can aim for more: We want to see actual steps toward a fully recyclable PCB, whether that is achieved through closed-loop processes or environ- mentally friendly end-of-life disposal. The escalating use of electronic products has led to a critical environmental issue known as electronic waste. Among the key contribu- tors to this waste stream are PCBs. As a result, the concept of PCB recyclability has gained significant traction within NCAB, driven by technological advancements and a growing environmental consciousness. We have a strong commitment to sus- tainability and want to help others consider advancing the concept of circularity in PCB production and amplifying its significance in creating more sustainable PCBs. This is not without challenges, which include recycling PCBs and the potential of reusing organic PCB residues for new products. We see promising NCAB is navigating challenges and embracing opportunities SUSTAINABILITY By Jan Pedersen, Director of Technology, NCAB Group

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