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16 SMT007 MAGAZINE I MARCH 2024 • IPC volunteered to serve as the first Secretariat of WECC • Japan Printed Circuit Association (JPCA) • China Printed Circuits Association (CPCA) • India Printed Circuits Association (IPCA) • Taiwan Printed Circuits Association (TPCA) • European Federation of Interconnection and Packaging (EFIP), representing the following: › Verband Der Leiterplattenindustrie (VDL) › European Institute of Printed Circuits (EIPC) › Printed Circuit Interconnect Federation (PCIF) ECWC8 in 1999 changed a few things. First, the scope of the world convention was expanded to include electronics assembly, and PCWC became ECWC. en, the naming Article by David Bergman IPC In 1978, a new event called the Printed Cir- cuit World Convention (PCWC) was born. It brought together printed wiring board (PWB) associations from around the world to focus on advancing technology, growing the market, and providing insight into the man- agement of the manufacture of printed boards. It was the first major international event of its kind for the industry. e first event, PCWC I, was hosted by the Institute of Circuit Technol- ogy (ICT–UK) and the Institute of Metal Fin- ishing (IMF–UK) was supported/sponsored by IPC USA, EIPC Europe, and JPCA Japan. It was decided that the convention would be held every three years, rotating between the various associations and countries. In 1998, having had nearly 20 years to work together, the globally-located PCB associ- ations agreed to form a global association, and the World Electronics Circuits Council (WECC) was formed. It comprised the fol- lowing associations: Electronics Circuit World Convention: A Brief History

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