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48 SMT007 MAGAZINE I MARCH 2024 by Kim DiCianni IPC With so many things to do at a large trade show and conference like IPC APEX EXPO, you cannot possibly take every class, attend every talk, or see every vendor on your list. But you can plan your days and maximize your time with the IPC APEX EXPO mobile app. The app allows you to easily view the show's daily agenda, keynote speakers, the con- ference and professional development schedules, and, of course, flag and make notes on exhibitors. Planning your show experience through the app tool will allow you to design a personal show experi- ence that meets your specific business needs. It will even give you alerts per your schedule and flagged items. Events and timelines for the 2024 show will be updated sometime in March, but download the app now to start setting up your profile and learning your way around. Finding the app: For iOS and Android devices, search your App Store or Google Play for "IPC Shows." Getting to Know the App When you first log into the app, you'll be greeted by a tutorial. Click through the helpful tips for infor- mation about navigating the app. You can access this app tutorial at any time by clicking the gear icon at the top of the dashboard and selecting "Reset App Tutorials." Once the IPC show application has downloaded, launch the app and choose 2024 IPC APEX EXPO. If you already have the IPC Shows mobile app down- loaded, you may need to exit any previously loaded app to the "event list" so that you are able to select the most current version. Remember, IPC APEX EXPO 2024 information will be ready by mid-March. Complete Your Profile Once you are in the 2024 show, new users will be prompted to set up a profile. Do this by clicking on the "My Profile" icon at the bottom of the dashboard or the gear icon at the top of the dashboard, then select "My Profile" to complete your app profile. To save your profile, your name, email, and industry are required. If you have already set up your Agenda Planner, just log in with your planner log-in ID, your badge number, and last name. All your information will automatically be pulled in to create your profile. In addition, when you log in through your agenda planner, it will pull in your schedule, exhibitors you have flagged, and other things you have already set up in the agenda planner. Publishing Your Profile You must select whether you want to publish your pro- file for all to see. If you choose to publish, only your name and industry will be vis- ible to anyone other than your friends. Setting Up Your Agenda Planner This is where the rubber hits the road regarding value and time saved. In the Agenda Planner, you can completely plan your schedule for each show day, filling your time with speakers, conferences, professional development, business meetings, and visiting select exhibitors. Personalizing Your Experience Create your personalized My Favorites list by clicking the star for each entry. If a record has been starred, this will add it to your My Favorites list, eas- ily accessed from the dashboard. This will include events, exhibitors, and more. Navigating the Schedule The schedule of events is sorted by date and time within the day. Click the different days at the top of the schedule to navigate between event dates. Click on any session to see more information and details about the session, along with information about the session's presenters. Finding Your Way Around Click the Maps icon on the dashboard to see property maps uploaded for the venue. Remember that you can access the app tutorial at any time by clicking the gear icon at the top of the dashboard and selecting Reset App Tutorials. Here's to a great show! Kim DiCianni is director of trade shows and events at IPC. There's an App for That

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