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82 SMT007 MAGAZINE I MARCH 2024 IPC standards are recognized around the world. As our industries delve more deeply into challenging areas, such as ultra high den- sity and electric vehicles, standardization within and across the supply chain becomes even more pressing. Standards development task groups will meet face-to-face at IPC APEX EXPO, April 6–11. e technical discussions provide an opportu- nity to share knowledge, learn from other sub- ject matter experts, and network with others who have similar technical interests. You may remember the urgent need for coffee and the possibility of snagging a cookie or a granola bar to maintain the necessary energy level for these marathon sessions. e schedule for this year's meetings looks as complicated and intense as years gone by. For 2024, we are adding several new projects, including IPC's Factory of the Future initiative and the IC Substrates Task Group, which meets in an international setting for the first time. Staff liaisons for the task groups are busy preparing the documentation and hosting our technical community. Files are being prepared, comments gathered and logged, and dras updated. is electronic documentation will be available in IPC Works for standards com- mittee members prior to the meeting in Ana- heim. ose who wish to download it can bring their individual copies to the meetings. Industry leaders will be present at each meet- ing to guide the industry in decision-making; IPC staff will assist the leaders. In some groups, the leaders are new to their roles, and they, too, are excited to have the opportunity to lead dis- cussions. No matter the size of the group meet- ing, everyone present will be encouraged to participate and contribute to the true spirit of standards development. Several groups have presentations that will provide a foundation for recommended changes to existing content. ese presenta- tions may be made by A-Teams reporting on action items assigned at an earlier meeting. e A-Teams, known for their quirky names such as "e Inkpendables," "Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3," and "Terminal Happiness," have continued to work diligently on technical content for task group consideration at this year's meeting. We expect spirited conversations on these topics. If you have not attended a standards develop- ment meeting, we encourage you to stop by a task group meeting and see what's happening. From design to final products, there is some- thing for everyone. Make sure to introduce yourself to the staff. We welcome all to IPC APEX EXPO 2024. SMT007 Teresa Rowe is IPC's senior director of assembly and standards technology. Standards Development Propels the Industry Forward Feature Article by Teresa Rowe, IPC

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