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MARCH 2024 I PCB007 MAGAZINE 93 The Cleaning Agent: Choosing Wisely Will Save You Money in the Long Run Consider the material of the substrate and the soil, and test to make sure your cleaning chemistry is effective on the soil sets you are using and compatible with all materials of con- struction in your assembly and your cleaning machine. Concentration: More is Not Always Better No two cleaning chemistries are created equal. e concentration at which they are effective will differ, and most oen, the chemical sup- plier will supply a range for use. Start at the high side of the range and lower the concen- tration in small increments until you reach the optimal concentration for your unique process parameters. Time: Determine the Most Effective Wash Cycle Time A few factors will determine how long your assemblies will need to be exposed to the wash solution before they are completely residue- free. Is your soil easily removed? If not, can other process parameters be adjusted or opti- mized to shorten your wash cycle time? Temperature: Too High or Too Low Can Cost You More Than Money If your operating temperature is too high, you could harden the flux residue, making it harder to remove. High heat can also damage delicate substrates, not to mention the wear and tear to your machine. Running at a lower temperature may not take advantage of your chemistry's sol- vency, which will result in poor soil removal. Optimizing your process with thorough testing will help you find just the right temperature to bring success. Mechanical Energy: Adjusting Nozzles Can Make All the Difference Spray-in-air is the most common choice when it comes to PCB cleaning. Whether you choose a batch or inline washer is oen determined by your throughput and floor s pace. ere ar e a variety of adjustments you can make in each process to maximize the mechanical energy needed to completely clean and rinse your assemblies. Bonus tip: You are only as clean as your last rinse. About KYZEN KYZEN is the leading global cleaning chemistry supplier offering a wide range of products for electronics assembly cleaning processes. For expert cleaning advice, visit us at KYZEN.com. 1 2 4 5 3

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