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IPC COMMUNITY 21 SPRING 2024 mission to deepen her understanding of PCB design and secure an internship abroad. IPC WinterCom is a new event organized by IPC to support standards development commit- tees in face-to-face sessions. During the week- long series of meetings, the global electronics manufacturing industry met in Europe for the first time to develop and maintain the IPC stan- dards they use to build electronics better. For Lauriane, IPC WinterCom was more than a conference; it was a gateway to unparalleled opportunities. From engaging in committee meetings to forging connections with industry leaders, Lauriane's experience was a witness to the transformative power of immersive learning. "For a long time, I thought my path lay in arti- ficial intelligence," Lauriane says. "But during a university project focused on PCB assembly, I experienced a revelation. I found the process of creating PCBs extremely interesting, and from that moment on, I knew what my true passion was. One of the most enlightening aspects of IPC WinterCom was witnessing the intricate voting process during the IPC-J-STD-001 and IPC-A-610 joint task group meetings. It gave me insight into the process behind establishing standards that underpin the industry." Yet, it wasn't just the technical aspects of the event that left an impression on her; IPC Win- terCom offered a diversity of perspectives and an opportunity to explore deeper personal connections within the electronics manufac- turing industry. Lauriane met industry leaders from different countries that spanned cultural boundaries, which left her inspired and with a professional confidence she hadn't felt before. "Interacting with professionals from different backgrounds was incredibly enriching," Lauri- ane says. "It allowed me to broaden my horizons, gain valuable insights into the global landscape of electronics manufacturing, and see how it all comes together during the standards develop- ment committee meetings." As she navigated meetings and networking sessions, Lauriane found herself gradually shift- ing from a hesitant observer to an assured par- ticipant. She was eager to learn and seized every opportunity to engage with industry experts. This paid off in the form of new connections, LinkedIn exposure, stimulating conversations, and, ultimately, an entirely new outlook on her career goals. "Initially, I was nervous about reaching out to professionals," Lauriane admitted. "But as I immersed myself in conversations and we Lauriane's Advice to fellow students in similar situations: "Be bold, don't hesitate to contact people even if you're scared, and be ambitious. I would encourage more students to take advantage of these event opportunities. I am immensely lucky to be the first student invited to such an event because I am not sure whether more events of a similar nature will take place in Europe any time soon. Some things cannot be taught at school, and you have to be there to see it yourself."

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