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64 SMT Magazine • February 2014 SMTonline Supplier/New Product News Highlights Indium Introduces New Lead-free Solder Paste Tim Jensen, global product manager for PCb assembly products, says "our customers have been asking for a high-performance solder paste that combines excellent printability with probe-testability. This solder paste delivers on all counts." alpha Facility Certified as Compliant Conflict-free Smelter "As the leading global supplier of soldering materials, Alpha acknowledges the importance of the conflict minerals legislation and its impact on the global electronics supply chain," says Tom hunsinger, director of global product manage- ment. enhanced DyMaX Spot Cure System available at Intertronics A new iteration of the DYMAX bluewave 200 high-intensity spot curing system was announced recently by their sales partner, Intertronics. This enhanced UV spot curing lamp is versatile, user friendly, and reliable—and consequently of inter- est for UVA/visible light cure of adhesives, coat- ings, and encapsulants in the electronics, medical device, opto-electronics, and technology manufac- turing industries. easybraid Introduces New In-line batch Cleaning System National Sales Manager John webber introduc- es a new in-line batch cleaning system from PbT Co. called MoDUlEClEAN. built for high-capacity cleaning, the system is a flexible machine for clean- ing PCbA, stencil, and other cleaning tasks in the electronics industry. Intertronics Intros DyMaX uV Cure FIP/CIP Gasket The company, along with sales partner DY- MAX, has introduced a new UV/visible light cure form-in-place (FIP) or cure-in-place (CIP) gasket originally designed for fuel cell sealing applica- tions. Ultra light-weld gA-145 is a chemical and moisture-resistant gasket which is formulated to be tack free, yet soft and flexible, with low outgassing after cure. New enhanced Info & Interactive elements ZESTroN, the globally leading provider of high-precision cleaning products, services, and training solutions for the electronics manufactur- ing industry, announced that its new website is live. avnet, Power-One Mark 25th anniversary "Avnet has spearheaded the charge in our in- dustry toward the adoption of green, alternative and smart energy technologies through our col- laboration with the best of the best—and that's Power-one," said Ed Smith, president, Avnet Elec- tronics Marketing Americas. aCe unveils Maintainable Drop-jet Flux Dispenser The new automated drop-jet fluxing head is fully maintainable and available on all KISS selec- tive soldering machines providing precise, on- demand application of flux with no overspray for true no-clean processing. It features rugged con- struction that handles a wide range of flux chem- istries including low ph fluxes down to 2.0, as well as fluxes with solids content as high as 35%. Koh young: Strong 3D aOI Market, revenue Growth "we've doubled our revenue every year solely based on 3D SPI in the past, because we have pro- vided customers with the true 3D values—process optimization by 3D measurement," said Dr. Kwan- gill Koh, CEo. MIrTeC Concludes 2013 with 17% Growth MIrTEC Co. lTD reports continued growth in sales revenue for its North American Sales and Ser- vice Division for 2013. "we are very pleased to an- nounce that sales revenue for our North American Division has grown by over 17% with respect to 2012," stated brian D'Amico, president of MIrTEC Corporation. 64 SMT Magazine • February 2014

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