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84 The PCB Magazine • April 2014 I watched the Olympics with my husband and two college-aged daughters, paying particu- lar attention to the women's snowboarding, ice skating and ice dancing competitions. Because our nest will soon be empty, I was feeling nos- talgic and thinking about what it was like to be a teen girl watching the Olympics with my parents (good times!). I was amazed how dra- matically each sport has progressed since then. Snowboarding didn't even exist,, and I remem- ber holding my breath to see if Olympic ice skaters could actually land a triple Lutz, which many believed impossible. Now, Shaun White is a household name and triple Lutzes are com- monplace. Ice dancing used to be very theat- rical and a little goofy, at least in my teenage mind. Today, ice dancers work with Cirque du Soleil and train for amazing feats of gymnastic holds, lifts and spins. The human spirit is amaz- ing, breaking limits that were once thought un- breakable. We in the PCB industry know a lot about this transcendent spirit, don't we? As demand for smaller lines, smaller holes, better tools, equip- ment and chemistry increases, we always find ways to meet or even exceed demand. I would contend that we have a proud history of break- ing barriers! This is certainly true when it comes to RF/microwave and high-performance boards. We have a saying about these types of boards: "They are not always complex, but they are always difficult!" We specialize in these types of boards and have found they require a unique set of skills and expertise to make. In fact, I have fondly nicknamed company owners Chris Savalia and Larry by Judy Warner transline tecH The Conundrum of RF/Microwave and High-Performance PCBs c o l u m n field Notes

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