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26 The PCB Design Magazine • April 2014 Like many communities, the EDA industry has its share of myths. But rather than quot- ing statistics and studying the issue, I thought I could share how my own experiences in EDA have debunked these myths. I imagine that many of your experiences probably have busted these myths as well. With the constant shifts in the tech world, it's time to draw a line and start a new era. And it's not a man's world anymore: just look at all the female executives in high-tech, like Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer. It's time to stop looking back, stop maintaining the status quo, and start innovating again. Throw the old standards out the window! Let's lift our thoughts out of the bits and bytes and into the quantum. Let's get started! Myth 1: Engineers are Dorks Well, maybe they are. But I have news for you: Dorks are cool. Just look at the massive popularity of "MythBusters" and "The Big Bang Theory." Then look around you. We work in an industry that is full of the coolest dorks ever! At work, I sit next to a banjo player who has an elaborate setup in his basement for drying habanero peppers. (No, it's not a cover for weed. He really dries peppers, and only peppers.) Across the hall is a father of three who home- schools his kids, learned to play the guitar in his 30s, and enjoys whiskey sours with his wife on spring weekends. Next to him is our Israeli mastermind, who once worked for Ucamco, sold two of his own startups, and only speaks to offer hilarious quips or point out our shallowness. SOFTWARE ByTES feature column by Abby Monaco, CID inTerCePT TeChnOlOgY EDA Mythbusters: Time for a New Era

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